Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The Music Room at Eelswamp, Contact Details and Map

Directions at the bottom of this page.

A lush and intimate setting for piano solo and chamber music

Entrance to Eelswamp

Eelswamp from above

The Music Room at Eelswamp is a seventy-two square meter room designed for and dedicated to the performance of piano and chamber music, making it one of the most intimate and acoustically satisfying chamber music venues.

Seventy square meters with vaulted ceiling make the room intimate and acoustically rich

The room has a Hamburg Steinway model O180 ...

... and a Sassman spinet (harpsichord)

With audience limited to around forty, the experience is intimate and inspiring,
both for audience and performers, whether chamber music ...
... solo performance...

...or Indian classical music

The island and pond behind the piano room make 
the Music Room a magical setting for an evening recital.

Entry to the room and minimum age of children: The Music Room is hermetically sealed. Entrance is through double doors. Only four people may enter at a time. Shoes must be left outside. No food or drinks may be brought into the room. Children under the age of six will not be admitted but may play outside under the supervision of a nanny. Babies can be looked after during the recital. 

Etiquette: Audience members are expected to be quiet and attentive throughout the main performance (encores excluded). Please observe the following etiquette:

  • no photography allowed except during encores, during which audience may move around and take photos at will
  • please refrain from operating mobile devices during the performance (sending or receiving messages and browsing are a distraction to people sitting )
  • please refrain from wearing loose, noisy, jewellery.
  • children who can't sit still should be accompanied outside by a parent.

Location of Eelswamp: The Music Room at Eelswamp is located in the house of the owner of Lulu and Daisy Goat Farm, in Nongplalai ('eelswamp' in Thai). It is situated between the Sukhumvit Road and The Regent School.

The easiest way to find us is by using Google Maps:

Enter "Eelswamp" directly into Google Maps. You will see the following map and marker:

GPS Coordinates:
Lat: 12.97827000000001
Long: 100.93516000000427

Contact: 038 069681; 0818 205 202,


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  2. The concerts are not exactly at the goat farm, but it's roughly the same location and you enter through the same gate.

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    Are there any places still available for the weekend performances.

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    1. Well, since many of my audience are old farts, I'll leave this piece of spam. I'm sure they'd be interested to move to Telangana to end their days. :P

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