Monday, December 9, 2013

Accommodation at Eelswamp

Eelswamp can offer visiting musicians two choices of accommodation.

The New Room
Completed in November 2014, this room is adjacent to the piano room. It allows pianists 24-hour convenient access to the piano room without fear of disturbing anyone.
The room has a splendid view of the pond. It is stylishly decorated and is shielded from the rest of the house compound by a clump of bamboo and a waterfall.
View of the pond, ducks and geese

Very comfy bed
Very private location

The Original Guest House

Those requiring a little more space  may stay in the guest house. The room is air conditioned, 36 square meters, has marble floors and a king-size Balinese teak bed.

The guest house is part of a duplex building. It has a private entrance. It is 70 meters from the main house, looking out on a large lawn and a hill of frangipanis.

The guest house has a large covered porch with lotus pond.

The room contains a king size double bed and marble floors. 
It is bright by day and cool and dark by night
The porch looks out on a large lawn and a hill of frangipanis.

Views of Eelswamp and Lulu and Daisy Goat Farm

Eelswamp is situated on a 4 hectare / 10 acre property comprising gardens and goat farm. There are more than 300 palm trees and 50 goats, not to mention geese, ducks, guinea fowl and other exotic creatures.

The house at Eelswamp is surrounded by a moat

 Cassia fistula in bloom
The garden has hundreds of palms

 Frangipani hill
Eelswamp is a 4 hectare property with lots of creatures, such as Bunny the buffalo...

... Fang, "the Beast" ...

And one or two goats.

Come and see us at Eelswamp!

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