Thursday, December 22, 2022

Gugnin January 2023

Friday, January 20th and Sunday, January 22nd, 6pm

Andrey Gugnin

Winner of 2014 Gina Bachauer Competition

Winner of 2016 Sydney International Piano Competition

Nominated BBC Classical Music CD of the Year


Rachmaninov and Grieg

Friday, January 20th


10 Preludes op. 23 and

13 Preludes op. 32

Andrey played op. 32 on his first visit, in 2014. It was one of our most memorable concerts and I have asked him to do op. 32 again, this time with op.23. These sets are Rachmaninov at his best. 

Sunday January 22nd, 6pm


Holberg Suite
Ballade op. 24
Lyric Pieces op. 43
Lyric Pieces op. 62

The piano music of Edvard Grieg is extensive, with nine books of short pieces, called Lyric Pieces. We will hear two books. 

The Holberg Suite is a homage to Bach, written like a Bach suite, and shows Grieg at his most proficient. 

After this visit to Eelswamp, Andrey will fly to London where he will record a CD of Grieg's music for Hyperion. This is your chance for a preview. 

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Andrey Gugnin
 has a special relationship with Eelswamp. He was the first musician whom I invited from overseas and he has visited us almost annually since then. This will be his eighth visit to Eelswamp. During those years, we have seen Andrey's career skyrocket, winning two prestigious international competitions, releasing numerous CDs on Hyperion and Steinway and Sons labels.

Reservations:  One concert for 1,200 baht or 2,000 baht for both. Email or call 038 069681 office hours. Due to limited number of places payment must be received before the day.

Tickets: No tickets will be issued for concerts. Admission to the music room on the day of the concert will be in accordance with the sequence of receipt of payment (ie, who pays first goes in first and can select their desired seat).

Etiquette: No photos allowed during the main performance. But photos may be taken during encore. 

Directions to Eelswamp: search for 'Eelswamp' on google maps.