Friday, October 2, 2020

Bennett Lerner Rescheduled

Friday, November 6th, 6pm

Revisiting Old Friends

a program of piano music played by

Bennett Lerner

Friday, November 6th, 6pm

Schumann: Variations on the Name “ABEGG”, Op. 1

Mendelssohn: Rondo Capriccioso in E Major, Op. 14

Chopin: Nocturne in F# Major, Op. 15, No. 2

Liszt: Ballade No. 2 in B Minor, S. 171

Tcherepnin: Autors des Montagnes Russes (Riding the Roller Coaster) (1937)

Copland: The Cat and the Mouse (Scherzo humoristique)

Irving Fine: Diversions for Piano (USA, 1914-1962)

Debussy: “Suite bergamasque No. 2”
Masques (Masks)
D’un cahier d’esquisses (From a Sketchbook)
L’isle joyeuse (The Joyful Island)

Bennett Lerner was my piano teacher for a few years, many years ago in Bangkok. He is one of the most respected piano teachers in the country, having taught at Payap University in Chiangmai, amongst other places. I look forward to him revisiting an old friend (me) and giving his first performance at Eelswamp.

Here is his official biography:

American pianist Bennett Lerner (b. 1944) is well-known in his country as a performer of contemporary music.  He has performed with major orchestras in the USA, such as the New York Philharmonic (in a nationally-televised concert celebrating composer Aaron Copland’s 85th birthday), the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Cleveland Symphony.  Mr. Lerner has numerous recordings: American Piano Music, Vols. 1 and 2 (Etcetera, 1984, 1986), Piano Music of Alexander Tcherepnin (Etcetera, 1985), Exposition Paris 1937 (Etcetera, 1988), Music by My Friends (Albany, 2004), and The Complete Piano Music of Claude Debussy, Vols. 1-4, (Bridge, 2006-7).  He has lived in Thailand since 1990 and was Head of the Piano Department of the Chintakarn Music School in Bangkok.  In 1995, Mr. Lerner moved to the northern city of Chiang Mai to teach at Payap University, where he is now an Honorary Professor.  After a six-year hiatus from performing, he celebrated his 72nd birthday with gala concerts in Chiang Mai and, also, with the premiere of “Luminary”, a piano concerto written in honor of Mr. Lerner’s birthday by his student, Narong Prangcharoen, performed by another of his students, Christopher Janwong McKiggan, with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.  Mr. Lerner has participated in the Thailand International Composition Festival since the festival’s inception in 2005.  In March of 2018, Mr. Lerner played Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” with the Thailand Philharmonic.  Mr. Lerner’s formative teachers were the Chilean virtuoso Claudio Arrau, Arrau’s associate and compatriot Rafael de Silva, the Cuban pedagogue German Diez, the Argentinian virtuosa Arminda Canteros, and the American pianist-composer Robert Helps.  Mr. Lerner has his B. Mus. and M. Mus. from the Manhattan School of Music and his D. M. A. from City University of New York.  His YouTube channel is “bennettlerner2”.

Reservations: 1,000 baht or donation. Limit to 25 adults.

Tickets: No tickets will be issued for concerts. Admission to the music room on the day of the concert will be in accordance with the sequence of receipt of payment (ie, who pays first goes in first and can select their desired seat).

Etiquette: No photos allowed during the main performance. But photos may be taken during encore. Please do not upload videos to Youtube.

Children: Children aged eight years and older may attend the concert depending on the suitability of the program. Smaller children may be left with the nanny on the premises. 

Cancellations and credits: Credit will be allowed for future concerts in the event of cancellation provided that the concert for which the original booking was made breaks even.

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