Saturday, April 9, 2016

Big Bach

Bach's two big works 
Goldberg Variations and Art of Fugue
and other works by Bach and sons

Two programs

Saturday 9th April and Sunday 10th April

Michael Tsalka 
piano and Harpsichord

Second Prize, Nikolai Rubenstein Comeptition, Paris 

"...exemplary interpretations, flexible and with subtle nuances" Musicalpointers

"Tsalka showed almost incredible virtuosity throughout...” (Berkshire Review, Boston and New York)

Saturday, 9th April, 7pm
note the later time to avoid clashing with the SSMS concert at Tiffany's at 2pm

piano and harpsichord
J.S. Bach
French Suite no. 5 in G major
Goldberg Variations.

Sunday, 10th April, 5pm
piano and harpsichord

Two Fantasies by CPE Bach and WF Bach
J.S. Bach Art of Fugue

Michael Tsalka is an Israeli pianist and early keyboard performer. He graduated from Tel Aviv University, Scuola Superiore del Trio di Trieste, Italy and Temple University, Philadelphia. Tsalka has won numerous prizes, awards and fellowships in Rome, Bayreuth, Bonn, Paris, Genoa, Calabria, Sardinia, Tel-Aviv, Chicago, Red Wing in Minnesota, Berlin, Mexico City, Kuopio and Philadelphia.

He performs throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia, Russia, and Latin America. Previous engagements include performances for the Boston Early Music Festival, the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing, Bellas Artes Theater in Mexico City, the Hermitage Festival in St. Petersburg, Konserhuset in Stockholm, St. Denis Festival in Paris, the Filharmonika Orchestra in Manila, the Trinity series in New York, and interviews and performances for radio stations in Hong Kong, Chicago, Buenos Aires, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Jerusalem.

Michael has recorded 15 CDs on Naxos, Grand Piano, Ljud & Bild (Stockholm), Brilliant Classics (Amsterdam) Paladino (Vienna), and IMI (Israel), including a recording of the Goldberg Variations.

Reservations: 1,200 baht for one concert. 2,000 baht for two. Email or call 038 069681 office hours. Due to limited number of places payment must be received before the day.

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