Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Bach two violins and keyboard

 All Bach - Tuesday, February 27th, 6pm

Three talented Thai musicians

Anna Takeda, violin

Kasina Ansvananda, violin


Akkra Yeunyonghattaporn, keyboards


Works for violins and keyboard 


JS Bach

Tuesday, February 2nd, 6pm

Sonata for violin and harpsichord no. 3 BWV 1016
Sonata for violin and harpsichord no. 4 BWV 1017 
Concerto for 2 Violins in D minor, BWV 1043  
Sonata in C major for 2 Violins, BWV 1037 

With violin and harpsichord

Earlier this month we heard the six solo violin sonatas and partitas of JS Bach. The sonatas for keyboard and violin are much lighter, jolly, easy-listening music. The Double Concerto in D minor is one of Bach's most well known works. 

The musicians are all overseas educated and among the best in Thailand. Anna studied at Manhatten School of Music. She has performed twice at Eelswamp. Kasina studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and Akkra studied at McGill and John Hopkins music schools in the US. I have heard all of the musicians both at Eelswamp and in Bangkok. They are all excellent.

Reservations:  1000 Baht Email or call 038 069681 office hours. Due to limited number of places payment must be received before the day.

Tickets: No tickets will be issued for concerts. Admission to the music room on the day of the concert will be in accordance with the sequence of receipt of payment (ie, who pays first goes in first and can select their desired seat).

Cancellation: credit will be offered in the event of cancellation due to sickness. If you are feeling sick on the day of the concert, please don't come. No credit will be offered if you have a change of plans. 

Etiquette: Please turn phones to silent mode and put them away during the performance. 

No photos allowed during the main performance. But photos may be taken during encore. 

Directions to Eelswamp: search for 'Eelswamp' on google maps.

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