Friday, September 4, 2015

Between the two big competitions

A favourite from the the Tchaikovsky Competition

new: Encore Concert Monday 7th September 6pm
See below for details

Dmitri Shishkin

Contestant in both the Tchaikovsky 2015 and the Chopin 2015 
plays two programs based on his performances in each competition.

I saw Dmitri Shishkin perform at the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow last June. I was very impressed. I was also delighted to learn that Dmitri has been accepted to compete in the Chopin Competition in Warsaw in October. The Tchaikovsky and the Chopin are the two major competitions in Europe. Dmitri has agreed to play for us selections from his programs from both competitions.

Friday 4th September, 6pm

The Tchaikovsky Competition Program

Bach Prelude and Fugue in G major, Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, BWV 860
Mozart Sonata 11 in A major, K. 331, Alla Turca
Tchaikovsky Russian Scherzo, Op. 1, no.1 and 'June', Barcarolle from The Seasons Op. 37 no. 6
Chopin Etude in A minor, Op. 10 no. 2
Liszt Etude, 'La Campanella' in G-sharp minor from Grandes Etudes de Paganini, S. 141,3
Rachmaninov Etude-tableau in D major, Op. 39 no.9

Bach – Busoni Chaconne from the Partita No.2 for violin in D minor, BWV 1004

Sunday 6th September, 5pm

The Chopin Competition Program

All Chopin program

Please note the change of program from 12 etudes op. 10 to the pieces highlighted below.

3 Etudes op. 10
Ballade no. 2 in F major
Polonaise op. 53 A flat major, 'Heroic'
Impromptu no. 1 in A flat major op.29
Scherzo no. 2 
Sonata no. 2 in B minor
Three Mazurkas op. 59

Monday 7th September, 6pm

Encore concert

Works from Friday's Tchaikovsky and Sunday's Chopin recitals and, for a little variety, four Scarlatti Sonatas and Debussy, 'Girl with the Flaxen Hair'.

Special price for those who have attended either the 4th and the 6th. Children over 8 free.
Call Helen for details: 038 069681. All proceeds will go to Dmitri.

Dmitri Shishkin was born in Ulan Ude, which is the part of Russia immediately north of Mongolia. He studied at the Moscow Conservatory. In 2004 he won the 5th International Nutcracker Television Competition for Young Musicians. In 2013 he won third prize in the 59th Busoni International Piano Competition in Bolzano, one of the major competitions in Italy. In the same year he won third prize in the Friuli Venezia Giulia International Piano Competition, also in Italy. In 2014 he came second in the 4th BNDES International Piano Competition in Rio de Janeiro. 

In 2010 Dmitri performed Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1 with the Gnesin Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra at a concert on Red Square to celebrate Russia Day. He has appeared with the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra and the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2014 he became a recording artist for the KNS Classical label, which features artists such as Andrea Trovato, Martin Muench and the Novafonic Quartet.

Reservations: 1,200 baht for one concert. 2,000 baht for both. Email or call 038 069681 office hours. Due to limited number of places payment must be received before the day.

Directions to Eelswamp: search for 'Eelswamp' on google maps. Directions can be found at the bottom of this page:

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